11/20 Morning News Roundup

— There will be no discussion open to the public before the Cobb County Commission votes on the MOU.

“First of all, the .33 mills is what I need to make the deal happen financially, and I’m not postponing it; I wouldn’t gain anything by it,” Lee said

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And from AJC

Lee scoffed at a reporter Tuesday when asked why there wouldn’t be a public hearing before the commission’s vote.

“We’ve made a decision we’re not going to do that,” he answered.

“I don’t know that having a public hearing would add to the objective of getting more input since we’ve got a lot of input to date.”

— The Braves and government entities overseeing the stadium were not getting along. One example is a clash over parking. (AJC)

— Cumberland CID approved the funding the County asked for.

“The district is putting in over the period of time I think it’s right at $150 million — $5 million for 30 years,” Leithead said. “The project is putting $1 billion dollars into our district and the economic impact of all that retail and the rental sales and potential increase in property values — David Connell has a report from an economist saying properties could as much as double in the Cumberland CID area — so we believe that the property value increase, the sales tax increase, the investment by the Braves, the investment by the county, is a true public-private partnership and that’s what we do.”

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