Stadium relies on existing parking, that’s the plan

It has become fashionable to poke fun at the Braves’ Cobb stadium plan by pointing out they are building fewer dedicated spaces to parking than currently exist at Turner Field while claiming that there is not enough parking at the Ted.  I understand this seems like a contradiction; however, Cobb and the Braves have not hidden the fact that they are building fewer spaces.  They claim that this is because of an asset of the new location: more available parking surrounding the stadium.

From the AJC (11/16/2013)

The Braves will build only perhaps 6,000 parking spaces at the stadium — 2,000 under the stadium, likely preferred parking, and perhaps 4,000 in a parking deck. For the rest, “there are north of 50,000 parking spaces already right around there that are not used at night,” said Tad Leithead, chairman of the Cumberland Community Improvement District, which will help fund the plan.

“What the Braves are trying to do is create an environment where they don’t have to build much parking but can use parking that’s already nearby,” Leithead said.

People could drive from home to a parking space in, for example, the Cobb Galleria Center. Then they could walk or be ferried by “circulator” trams over I-285, across the pedestrian bridge to the complex.

Now, whether this will happen or not is another question, but the fact that the Braves are building fewer spaces is a feature, not a bug, to the Braves.


One thought on “Stadium relies on existing parking, that’s the plan

  1. Rick

    I’ve worked just across 75 from the new stadium site for the last 3+ years and for me, the main issue, mainly because the financing etc. is already a done deal, will be the traffic. I work on Powers Ferry, just down from Windy Ridge and drive on Windy Ridge between Powers Ferry and 41 daily. During the evening rush hour traffic is already backed up on Powers Ferry going north from 285 and along Windy Ridge between 75 and 41 and it looks like, despite the much touted comprehensive transportation plan, that this will just become a huge CF once construction starts. To say nothing about what it will be like when the games begin in 2017.

    They have already staked the right of way on Windy Ridge and down Circle 75, so they are getting an early start on the road improvements.

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