Cobb releases MOU

Addendum (11/20): The MOU appears to include little new information, which I guess is testament to the fact that much of the information was already out there. I learned quite a bit when the Gwinnett MOU was shared with me.  The biggest piece of information I see is that the Braves revenue streams from “stadium rent” ($3 million) and “additional rent” ($3.1 million from naming rights, parking, and advertising marquee) are guarnateed whether or not the Braves even use the stadium. In the Gwinnett deal, the County got a percentage of revenues from these sources (which turned out to be far less than predicted), so the claimed contributions of the Braves were less than the actual amount contributed. In this case, the numbers are set. The difference with the latter rent is that once the bonds are paid off that revenue stream will cease.  Also, cost overruns are capped to the County and excess revenue seems to be devoted to paying off the dept or goes into the still elusive capital maintenance fund.


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